Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas is one of our top distributors.

They are a full line candle fundraiser distributor. They can help you with some of our most popular products lines including:

* Earth Candle Fundraiser

* Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Toll Free: 866-874-8383
Email: sales@easy-fundraising-ideas.com

Buy for Charity

Buy for Charity is a national distributor for all of our candle fundraising programs.

There is no cost to start a candle fundraiser with Buy for Charity. You can choose either Earth Candles Fundraising or a Journey Of Faith Candle Fundraiser.

Toll Free: 877-909-6400
Email: customerservice@buyforcharity.com

Profit Quests

Profit Quests is one of our newest brochure fundraising distributors. They offer both of our top selling products including:

1. Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

2. Earth Candle Fundraising

Toll Free: 800-880-8825
Email: customerservice@profitquests.com

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas offers our top candle fundraising lines:

Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

Earth Candle Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas services groups in all 48 Continental United States.

Toll Free: 855-777-1112
Email: sales@fundraisng-ideas.com